Discover What Demonic Doors Might Be Opened in Your Life
Get my Free 125 question Online Pre-Deliverance Assessment To Help Find Out What Doors May Be Open In Your Life to Demonic Oppression That You Weren't Aware Of.
This powerful assessment will help open your eyes and cause you to reflect on how much access the enemy has gained in your life through your bloodline or other avenues and cause some hidden soul wounds to come to the surface.
  • Here Are Only A Few Examples of Open Doors for Potential Demonic Oppression
  • ​ Does it seem like very little is manifesting in your life? 
  • ​ Do things seem to be held up in your life?
  • Does it feel like your prayers are hitting a wall?
  • ​ Do you feel as though marriage is hiding from you?
  • ​Does your career, business or ministry seem like it's at a standstill?
  • ​ Are you experiencing one setback after another? 
  • ​Is there ongoing strife or unresolved issues in your family? 
  • ​ Are you constantly battling health issues? 
  • ​Are Your finances constantly under attack?
  • ​Have you noticed unhealthy patterns in your life or in your family?
  • ​Are you experiencing stress, anxiety, depression or suicidal thoughts?
  • ​Are you experiencing bitterness or resentment?
  • ​Do you feel rejected?
  • ​Have you experienced panic attacks?
  • ​Have you ever been molested?
  • ​Have you suffered from seizures?
  • ​Have you had sex in your dreams?
  • ​Have you had premarital sex?
  • ​Have you had an abortion?
  • ​Have you had dreams where you were eating something?
  • ​Do you feel tired no matter how much sleep you get?
What You Get With The Kingdom Authority Pre-Deliverance Assessment
  • ​  Emailed a video tutorial thoroughly explaining each question along with what some typical responses to the questions mean
  • ​125 Question Pre-Deliverance Assessment to help identify potential demonic open doors and hidden soul wounds in your life
  • ​  Invitation and opportunity to register for our 5 week online Deliverance and Soul Healing Class that will provide you with some training in spiritual warfare and deliverance, help set you free from demonic oppression and bondage, and help you be healed of hidden soul wounds you may have.
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